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Yukon Public Schools Think Different

Mobile Learning Essentials

What happens when visionaries use the inspiring idea of collaboration to rethink a school’s department structure and function? With the help of a forward-thinking district and staff and a powerful solution by Lightspeed Systems, the result is amazing!

Superintendent Bill Denton and Chief Executive Officer Dawn Pearce envisioned an educational climate where departments worked together to foster innovation. Denton and Pearce brought together the IT and Curriculum departments to ensure that Yukon School District’s 1:1 program was effective, efficient and completely integrated with lessons and standards. With an increased presence of technology, Yukon turned to Lightspeed Systems Mobile Learning Essentials to ensure safety, manage their devices and nurture a collaborative learning environment.

Watch this video to see how Yukon School District has transformed their approach to education technology.

Video: Yukon Public Schools Think Different