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Toscan White Beans, Steak, Pizza

Ingredients | Ingrediëntencamp'n food
Well, boys are boys. After yesterdays vegetarian Mexican styled dinner, their preference is a piece of meat. Some budget leeft to spend and they kind of ‘behaved’.
For their own, their parents, our Young Men Leader’s and my own sake, I combine it into an Italian styled dinner. Today I am serving Toscan White Beans with Steak and some Special Pizza slices: camp`n food optima forma.



Toscan White Beans | Witte Bonen Toscaanscamp17-toscan-white-beans
Garlic | Knoflook
Rosemary (eo) | Rozemarijn
Tomatoes | Tomaatjes
White Beans | Witte Bonen


Steak | Biefstuk
Olive Oil | Olijfolie
Black Pepper (eo) | Zwarte Peper
Rosemary (eo) | Rozemarijn
Garlic | Knoflook
Steaks | Biefstukjes

Alternative toppingscamp17-italian-styled-steaks
Mushrooms | Champignons
Mozzarella Cheese | Mozzarella
Basil (eo), Oregano (eo), Garlic | Basilicum, Oregano, Knoflook


Pizza it’s going to be
1 kg White Flour | Witte Bloem
1 teaspoon fine Sea Salt | Zee zout
2x 7g Dried Yeast | Droge Gist
1 tbsp Sugar | Suiker
4 tablespoons extra virgin Olive oil | Olijfolie
650 ml Water | Watercamp17-campnfood-pizza

Pizza topping
Sauce: Fried onion, Garlic, Tomato | Ui, Knoflook, Tomaat
Salami, Paprika, Cheese, Red Onion, Mushrooms | Salami, Paprika, Kaas, Rode Ui, Champignons
Mozzarella, Goat’s Cheese | Mozzarella, Geiten Kaas
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