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tabletopschool.eu originates with involved and somewhat concerned parents. Confronted with failing ICT projects at schools.
However, we have progressed and also changed our focus business wise. We have served several organizations and they are doing great. It has been a wonderful experience and we had to make our choices.
So now we are even more into Quality! As a Quality Engineer Hubert is verifying the products and processes at Plaxis, Delft. And, why this website is still alive, also into food.
Recipes, experiences and food innovations are now being blogged. And, since March 2017, DIY recipes with doTERRA EO are being published as blog posts as well, some Dutch, other in English, some in both languages.
As we said, quality all over the place, and this website.

Wanna see some recipes, just start clinking around until ….
Wanna have it? Go directly to the myDoterra section and find all info you want about our products. Or create your own account and place your fist order and have it all brought to your own address… That-was-easy…

We deliver high grade Implementation, but now we do that specifically for Plaxis BV, Delft

  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Support

Have you prepared yourself? Are you ready for 21st century skills and students, Finnish lessons, Steve Jobsschools or another newly to be developed methods? You can read about that stuff here too!

Like 21st century has software to deal with, we also have our health and healthy food challenges. Read on these posts and pages about that too. Regularly pages (and recipes!) are added so check our pages weekly!

happy learning!


What’s next?

See what Daphne Koller has to say about: What we’re learning from online education.
Video: Daphne Koller: What we’re learning from online education … – TED.com
It’s not an easy process, it’s worth the effort though!


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