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So, how to organise a hypo

Just having vacation, buttery Croissant, Gouda Cheese, super Fresh Egg for breakfast. Later this day got a phone call from my friend IA, MD, while I was napping my little nap. ‘Why are you napping anyways’, she simply asked and I stuttered something about happens all the time …

Not sure how she managed but Dr Mc Dougall MD was referred to and, we completed our nice conversation.

Anyways, with some WiFi and my Google skills the exact name, website and his quest was found quickly. And well, vacation it is, so I started reading about a diet, simple as can be, harmless whatsoever, side effects none.
Being interested in any diet with positive effects on Diabetes 2, I did not sleep very much that night.

Next morning another excellent breakfast served in Louise, nicest b&b appartment of all! And reading and understanding made me realize I had to change my diet, if I wanted to go the next level DM2.
But wait, what: lots of carbs, lots of fruit, lots of starchy elements? And spices and herbs, yes! How come I was told and instructed for more than two years I had to minimize all of these, just to see my insulin intake only increasing? Aha, there you have it, no meat, nor fish, nor poultry, nor butter, nor milk, nor eggs, nor cheese (don’t they know about Goudse kaas from Hellouw?)…
Anywhoo, did some biking, some shopping for a new type of dinner and continued deciphering the recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Next morning again best breakfast ever. Croissant, Cheese, fresh Egg. And I realized, this will be the last for a really long time.

So what happened next I’ll show you in a diagram. Legend: Kg representing Kilo’s of me, vet% = also of me, water% = also of me, novorapid and insulatard is the adviced and actual taken medication. Hypo is when everything came together and I had to increase sugarlevels immediately. No pressusre but I also needed blood checked, for that, one must be sober after 0:00 which is very difficult in combination with a hypo at 1 AM…

Today’s measure: 103.6 20.7 54.5 7.1. IA, MD assures me I will reach my ‘natural plateau’ with continuing this lifestyle.
What can I add here? A new diet, a new life. for me, and yes, it’s the food!

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