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Pita Bread inspired by Akis Petritzikis

Ingredients | Ingrediëntencamp'n food

Yeast 2 tsp, Sugar 1 tsp, Milk 160 ml, Water 80 ml: mix together and set aside for 5 min
| Gist, Suiker, Melk, Water: mix en zet opzij voor 5 min

Flour 320 g, 1 tsp sal,t 1 tsp chopped fresh thyme: mix to combine
| Bloem, zout, verse Thijm: mix

1 tablespoon Olive oil, add to yeast mixture, mix and add to flour
Mix together to form a dough
| Olijfolie, toevoegen aan gist mengsel, mix totdat je een fijn deeg hebt

Dust a workspace with flour, take your dough and knead it for 5 minutes
| Bloem op je werkplek, 5 minuten kneden

Add olive oil into your bowl, spread it. Put your needed dough, nice and elastic, into your bowl and cover with clean towel. Set aside for 40 min and its doubled in size
| Olijfolie in je mengbak, doe je deeg erin, afdekken met schone doek. Ca 40 min zodat het verdubbeld in omvang

Put olive oil on your working surface, preheat your pan medium heat
| Olijfolie op je weekblad, pan voorverwarmen

Make your dough into a snake like figure, slice into even portions. Take each and make it nice round and flat.
| Deeg in slangvorm, verdeel het in even grote porties. Maak ze mooi rond en plat

Put some olive oil in your pan and cook your pitas 2 minutes each side. Done
| Olijfolie in je pan en bak je pita’s ca 2 minuten iedere kant

My version is definately inspired by Akis Kitchen!

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