camp`n food

Let me explain, what’s up with this ‘camp`n food’.camp'n food

One of my friends asked me if I could join the Young Men organisation to take care of the food `n stuff for the upcoming Young Men’s Camp. And me, being enthusiastic about food in general, and seeking for ways to advocate healthy food, whatever it takes, agreed. Not knowing about how Young Men Camps are organised, and how they are run.
Well, to be honest, it’s different compared to Young Women Camps of which I have participated in various leadership and parental roles since 2001.

So I prepared myself, wrote some ideas to match the program and planned to buy some of the ingredients.
In the mean time, I have joined Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution so I challenged myself to top my camp`n practices. I must make sure the recipes chosen, ingredients selected, and the preparation spent, all fit a novice Food Revolution-revolutionary. Via the food the campers are going to learn about health and nutrition. And I needed to take care of this tight budget.

What to do?

camp`n food – Monday

A few days ago I prepared for another project Creole Chicken Gumbo, wicht is a tasty soup which can be slightly altered to match the camp`n food requirements. Prepared my own version at home, took it with me and served it with rice. Huge pancakes with boerenkaas as desert. For starters, not too bad. challenge excepted!

camp`n food – Tuesday

One of the leaders took his wife and kids. I prepared them a special breakfast with sliced bread, a circle taken out of it and cooked with an egg in the middle. The boys had their breakfast with a tosti (I got some Boerenkaas from a friendly farmer) and a boiled egg. Lunch was different as the boys had started their hike. The family were served a noodles soup, and I used some left over Gumbo Chicken as a base. Cooked the noodles in some chicken broth and served it with topping of spring onions and some omelette. Kids loved it.

The boys needed an on-route dinner, we agreed this time. Other years they prepare it themselves with cooking utensils and all. And, being asked what kind of food they preferred coming week, they replied hamburgers and steaks. Well, boys are boys right? So I decided to treat them with my version of Hamburger: minced meat, some onion, garlic, spicy stuff added. And, one of the leaders being a vegetarian I also delivered Falafel (recipe blogged earlier). Served with lettuce, spring onion, tomatoes and a wrap. Easy, tasty, budget friendly.

camp`n food – Wednesday

Different again, boys needed breakfast after camping at some other place. Rainy night, coldish, wet. One of the leaders would love an English breakfast.. sausages were not in stack. So I prepared some huge omelets, with and without cheese. Served with bread, just a nice start. Lunch-wise I served them chorizo sausages with bread. Dinner-wise it was a Greek night – prepared and cooked my version of pita bread and served it with tzatziki and chicken souvlaki.

tabletop school - camp`n food tzatziki souvlaki

tabletop school – camp`n food tzatziki souvlaki

camp`n food white bean salad-pita bread

tabletop school – camp`n food white bean salad-pita bread

camp`n food – Thursday

Lunchtime I prepared a ‘small’ version of noodles, Turkey filet sliced (alternative fried mushrooms), spring onions and omelet as topping. Vegetarian dinner, just did not mention to the boys I was not to include meat …Mexican style wraps, a filling with kidney beans and maize, toppings with spring onions and creme fraiche, salad, tomato and paprika.

camp`n food – Friday

These boys love steaks, so I had to calculate and discuss with camp leaders. Boys kind of behaved, did what they were supposed to do, did what we think fit within the program so they ‘earned’  their rewards. That’s when I prepared their dinner. Vegetarian dinner was an omelet with pizza toppings (onion, garlic, mushroom, paprika’s). Toscan White Beans and Green Salad while boys were eating their Italian styled steaks. Pizza’s for desert.


tabletop school – camp`n food pizza

camp`n food – Saturday

Cleaning and packing day. Camp`n food completed within budget.

Follow this link for camp`n food – Recipes

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