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My doTERRA – Why

Why I love Essential Oils from doTERRA

I am passionate about quality and strive to find health through nutrition. I find fun in combining quality with my passion for cooking and eating. Professionally I am a Quality Engineer. Hence I reveal quality levels in both software as well as in nutrition.

For me it’s the same thing, a feature well described, developed, verified and implemented is an ingredient for state of the art software.  Any ingredient for a dish, fresh and well prepared, makes the dish taste, smell and look good. Blended with other well chosen ingredients turn it into all the healthy effects food can offer to the one who is enjoying and digesting it.

Innovation is another thing I love, always seeking for things and ways to improve. Professionally I gained over 30 years experience in software innovation and implementation. Recently I have gained access to a whole new level of interesting herbs for my cooking: I have started using doTERRA’s essential oils Basil, Coriander, Rosemary and Thyme in my salad dressings. And, while serving my variation of a delicious and real tasteful traditional French Bisque de Crevettes, diffuse doTERRA’s Lemon oil to neutralise the strong aroma’s of the Crevettes. I can’t wait to explore what more is possible …

Regarding my health, in March this year my doctor updated me that I have a warning level of Diabetes type 2 and immediately have to change my diet and exercise habits to get the sugar levels drop to healthy. Fortunately, a friend of mine introduced me a week prior to this warning to deTERRA’s systems. With help of recipes found in the Carola van Bemmelen’s Sugarchallenge, and with herbs and oils from doTERRRA, I am less than two points away from a natural healthy sugar level. In 3 months, coming from an alarming level 24 to a level between 7 and 8, going towards the normal 6!

If you want to go straight to my recipes select MyFoodBlog. Want more info on the doTERRA’s Essential Oils? Simply select MyDoterra, read  and follow instructions and in no time you can bring yourself to an updated status.

At your health, Hubert

tabletop school Rosemary Essential Oil

tabletop school: Rosemary EO and OliveOil Extra Virgen