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DIY Essential Oils with Olive Oil

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I just

started to use doTERRA products seriously only 3 months ago, and I am very excited about these products.

Cooking is one of my hobbies, and now I realized the doTERRA Essential Oils can be used for cooking as well. Great! As not being the best reader of all the tiny letters and warnings, I simply added one or two drops too many to my salad. Resulting in a salad with too much of the same taste, and too strong to be tasty. What to do?

Further investigation revealed that people do succeed in adding just one drop from the bottle, this does not work for me: while I prepare my dishes, I am also a bit impatient while cooking, it must be available instantly. And in case a drop too much, and cannot be neutralized, start all over in worst case.

Others stick a chop-stick or tooth pick in the bottle, and work from thereon. Science was one of my favorite classes in mid school so I detest to stick anything in a bottle, especially the bottles with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. It will become contaminated immediately and will loose it’s Therapeutic Grade. What-a-mistake-to-make…

Then I puzzled my way out of here and found something which would work for me, see if it fit your style. I prepared my Essential Oil with Olive Oil, Extra Virgin for a good taste, poured some Olive Oil into a smaller sized bottle or glass, sufficient to have it emptied in a month or so, and added 2, 3, 4 or even 5 drops of my Essential Oil of my preferences. Closed the bottle and gave it a firm shake.
Take as much oil as is good for your dish or your preferences.

Rosemary EO with Olive Oil

tabletop school – doTERRA Rosemary EO with Olive Oil

Starting with one option is not an option, so next were Basil, Coriander, Thyme. Make sure you have something to choose from!

DIY: blend some of the Essential Oils to taste with some Olive Oil (Extra Virgin, good enough for today), and serve it so your guests can choose their own dressing. Assist them, when you notice they can’t decide!
I found some nice bottles and close them with a wine-bottle cap to be able to drip oil instead of gushing it in one big splash.


tabletop school – doTERRA EO with Olive Oil

Another great tip is to have a first aid kit filled with Essential Oils. My first aid kit contents fit into 1 Jincase-101: 10 bottles plus a little …

And that was not a very good way to present it, so I introduced my botanical garden with Essential Oils.


tabletop school – Jincase 101 with 10+ doTERRA Essential Oils

So, happy cooking, at your health, Hubert!