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A Roland Holst College and Collège André Malraux

What do Adriaan Roland Holst College, Hilversum-NL and Collège André Malraux, Chatelaillon-FR have in common?

A Roland Holst College Hilversum, NL

A Roland Holst College, Hilversum NL

Collège André Malraux, Chatelaillon FR

Collège André Malraux, Chatelaillon FR

  • Both Colleges are named after a famous writer
  • Two teachers who are willing and able to connect their students in different countries to extend their horizons, expand their abilities to communicate in new languages and their vocabularies

I strongly believe in evaluation and elaboration during any course. Evaluation to measure progress on the program and to verify the direction of individual attendees and the course itself are not drifting away from each other. Elaboration to discuss and seek for the implementation practicalities (which always requires customization for each attendee) and,  as a very welcomed side effect, ponder on new opportunities. These new opportunities vary of course for every person involved, a German teacher will come up with different ideas compared with which a Science, Drama or Physical Education teacher would.

While evaluating progress and results of one of my professional development iPadklas courses with the French teacher, we also elaborated opportunities made available with latest technologies. Opportunities arose and a latent desire to connect professionally with a school in her mother country awakened. This desire was discussed another time so I looked up my contacts and connected her desire with my Dutch relation living in France and has warm feelings for education in general and languages in particular. She was enthusiastic on the idea and willing to contact the principal of her daughters school, propose to connect with this school in Holland and develop internationalized language education which would fit for both parties.

Long story short, just after a few e-mails, some phone calls and and enough confidence of parties involved, the teachers agreed to exchange their plans and find ways to connect the classes.

Classes will start soon now and to help teachers, students and parent a bit further I include some pictures of both schools. I wish you all the best with your internationalization projects and wish ye a long lasting relation.


A Roland Holst College, Hilversum NL

Hilversum, NL

Collège André Malraux, Chatelaillon

Chatelaillon, FR

A Roland Holst College Sideview

A Roland Holst College

Collège André Malraux Sideview

Collège André Malraux



A Roland Holst College

A Roland Holst College


André Malraux College Entree

Collège André Malraux Entrance

Pictures are taken during holiday season. These Colleges are ready to be populated by students returning back from their holidays.
Our international contacts live and teach on every continent and we are willing to elaborate on new opportunities for and with you.

Collège André Malraux CHATELAILLON-PLAGE (17)
Collège André Malraux CHATELAILLON-PLAGE (17) via Google maps

A. Roland Holst College
A. Roland Holst College via Google maps

How latent or up-to-date are your ideas regarding internationalization? Are you looking for new horizons or new schools to connect? Let us know below.